Other Machinery Group
LC-296RP Airbag Backpart Moulding Machine
LC-710 Hydraulic Walled Sole Press
LC-293 Reversed Type Hot & Cold Molding Machine
LC-880 Glue Brushing Machine
LC-58350 Toe-Puff/Lining/Upper Combining Machine
LC-56 Fore Part Conditioning Machine
LC-184 Humidier Machine
LC-229/2 Toe-Puff Fusing Machine
LC-229/1 Toe-Puff Fusing Machine
LC-55 Upper Arc Stereotypes
LC-202 Upper Edge Roughing Machine Before Lasting
LC-200 Pounding Machine
LC-220 Pounding Machine
LC-231 Upper Forming Machine
LC-231/2 Upper Forming Machine
LC-59 Humidifier Machine
LC-338 Automatic Heel Nailing Machine
LC-336 Semi - Automatic Nail With Machine
LC-90C Crimping Machine
LC-128 Boot Leg Ironing Machine
LC-260 Steam Conditioning Machine
LC-266 Heel Breasing Machine
LC-266H Heel Breasing Machine
LC-268 Toe - Part Breasting Machine
LC-40 Cement Drying and Activator (Near-Infrated Ray)
LC-601 Reactivating Plant For Sole and Shoe U.V
LC-890 Three Station Automatic Embossing Machine
LC-133 One Station Dryer And Reactivator
LC-60N Sole Attaching Machine
DM-2030C Sole marking Machine (bottom adjustable)
LC-238H Chiller Machine
LC-36N Chiller Machine
LC-288 Heat Setter Machine
LC-28N Heat Setter Machine
DM-302 Delast machine
LC-295 Toe Part Moulding Machine
LC-486 Upper Forming Machine
LC-301 Water Based Adhesive Sprayer For Vamp
LC-96R Back Part Moulding Machine
LC-240 Upper Flattening Machine
LC-57 Rotary Fusing Machine
LC-204 Top Line Forming Machine
LC-102 Top Line Forming Machine
LC-420 Band Knife Splitting Machine
LC-915 Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine
LC-925 Movable Head Cutting Machine
JY 688A Hotmelt Adhesive Spraying Machine
JY 690A Hotmelt Adhesive Coating Machine
JY-688B Hotmelt Adhesive Coating Machine
JY 698 Edge Hotmelt Adhesive Coating Machine
LG-2202A Thread Burner
LC-035 Latex Edge Driving Machine


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